Cold Laser Therapy In Colorado Springs


Cold Laser Therapy first gained popularity in 2002 when the FDA approved Cold laser Therapy for Chronic Pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Also known as Low-Level Light Therapy, Our Class III A and III B Lasers are used for a variety of conditions. Our office has Green lasers (532 nm) which treat muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries, Red lasers (635 nm) which are used on pain and inflammation, and Blue lasers (450 nm) which treat nerve conditions, like shingles, sciatica, ganglions, acne, and reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Contact our Colorado Springs chiropractor to find out more information about how Cold Laser Therapy can help you.

Accelerate Healing in Colorado Springs

Because Lasers stimulate the production of mitochondria which create ATP, the body is able to establish normal cellular activity in an injured area, accelerating healing. Decreased pain, increase in range of motion and strength are common benefits to the application of Cold Laser. There are no known side effects with the Class III Lasers, and it is a painless procedure. Laser Therapy is a great adjunct to any pain reduction protocol.

Beware of the Class IV LASER! Since it is NOT a Cold Laser at all, it has been known to have side effects. We do not use these types of Lasers, as they have a Heating element to them and can burn or destroy tissue.


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