Chiropractic Testimonials

"I started having issues with vertigo and I could not find a doctor that could help with it. I lived with the condition for over 12 years and it continued to get worse. Using acupuncture and cold laser therapy, Dr. Cramer has rid me of this debilitating condition. I wish I knew sooner!"

- D.S.

"Dr. Cramer fixed my foot after just 2 visits. I had not been able to dance for over 6 months and after visiting him twice I was dancing with no pain or issues. He used a combination of acupuncture and lasers that fixed my fractured foot. I have since then visited Dr Cramer weekly for adjustments and other treatments such as weight loss acupuncture and lymph drainage treatments. I recommend him for adjustments and all other treatments offered in his office. Call him today!"

- R.R.

"Dr. Cramer's experience and knowledge of the Meridians made my acupuncture experience even better!"

- B.H.

"I had no idea how effective acupuncture is for my injuries following my car accident. Now I am a believer. Dr. Cramer is AMAZING"

- J.K.

"My skin condition cleared up in 6 sessions of acupuncture after trying traditional topical medicine for over 2 %2 year!"

- M.R.

"I was first introduced to him while training full time as an Olympic Athlete. His knowledge and experience as a chiropractic orthopedist AND Diplomate in Medical Acupuncture was exactly what I was looking for! As a fellow Olympian, Dr. Cramer understands and can relate to an athlete's injuries. He created a personalized care plan that included acupuncture and cold laser therapy. Performance improved, and I can't thank him enough!"

- N.B.


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